A Safari in Selinda Game Reserve

Welcome to Selinda Game Reserve, an extraordinary wildlife destination nestled in the heart of Botswana. As experts in the field, we have had the privilege of exploring this remarkable reserve firsthand. Today, we’re excited to share why Selinda Game Reserve should be at the top of your safari bucket list.

A couple canoeing in the Selinda Spillway

The ultimate in carefree exploration in Selinda Game Reserve, Image Credit: Selinda Explorers Camp

1. Pristine and Private Location

Known for its untouched wilderness and exclusivity, Selinda Game Reserve is one of our favourite hidden safari gems. The region thrives between the wetlands of Linyanti Wildlife Reserve and the legendary Okavango Delta. And it’s here that nature reveals one of its most spectacular creations: the expansive floodplain known as the Selinda Spillway. 

Giraffes crossing the waterways

Selinda’s Spillway connects the Okavango Delta to the Linyanti Swamps, Image Credit: Okavango Explorers Camp

The Spillway ebbs and flows, its floods dictated by the whims of rainfall, creating a whimsical spectacle of ever-changing waterways and attracting animals in abundance. Moreover, as a private concession, the reserve offers an intimate safari experience with limited vehicle access and a low number of guests. You’ll have the privilege of exploring vast stretches of wilderness, free from crowds and relishing the feeling of being immersed in nature.

Boat cruise on the Selinda Spillway

A private paradise virtually all to your own, Image Credit: Zarafa Camp

2. Diverse Habitats and Enthralling Scenery

One of the unique features of Selinda Game Reserve is its remarkable variety of ecosystems. From sprawling floodplains to lush woodlands and meandering waterways, the reserve showcases diverse habitats that attract a wide array of wildlife. The scenery creates a beautiful backdrop for your safari, making every moment a visual delight.

Elephants crossing the waterways in Selinda Game Reserve

A range of diverse habitats, including marshland, riverine woodland, savannah and more, Image Credit: Selinda Explorers Camp

3. Unparalleled Wildlife Encounters

From lions navigating river crossings to cheeky hippos asserting dominance, Selinda Game Reserve offers thrilling encounters with wildlife. Home to the endangered African wild dog, Selinda also provides a rare opportunity to observe these incredible creatures in their natural habitat.

African Wild Dog sighting while on a game drive

The animal population thrives in this remote oasis, Image Credit: Selinda Camp

With sightings of rare roan antelope, giraffe, buffalo in their masses, and the gentle giant elephant, Selinda Game Reserve captivates with its wealth of wildlife. We can also attest that, thanks to verdant vegetation and waterways, Selinda is a magnet for a menagerie of avian residents, making every moment a delight for the bird enthusiasts amongst us.

Wildlife in Selinda Game Reserve

See an abundance of species in this flourishing ecosystem, Image Credit: Selinda Camp

4. Immersive Safari Activities

Having ventured into the deepest corners of this extraordinary region, let us share a secret with you… Selinda Game Reserve offers an abundance of ways to explore its wonders. From exhilarating game drives and walking safaris to tranquil boat cruises and catch-and-release fishing, there’s an activity to suit every preference.

Game drive vehicle taking guests through the waterways

You’ll be treated to an intimate and exclusive safari, Image Credit: Okavango Explorers Camp

Imagine tracking a pride of lions through the bush, witnessing a leopard gracefully perched on a tree branch, or marvelling at the colourful birdlife that graces the reserve’s waterways while silently gliding in a canoe. These immersive experiences will allow you to connect with the natural world on a much deeper level.

Canoeing along the Selinda Spillway

Bear witness to wildlife wandering along the banks on a canoe safari, Image Credit: Selinda Explorers Camp

5. Limited Camps, Limitless Experience

Selinda Game Reserve offers a safari experience like no other, thanks to its limited number of camps that create an intimate and exclusive ambience for visitors. Seamlessly blending contemporary comfort with the natural elements, the camps provide a lovely fusion of luxury and wilderness. Without further ado, allow us to present our top picks.

Our Favourite Places to Stay:

Main bonfire area at Zarafa Camp

With the small number of camps, you’re treated to an intimate and exclusive safari, Image Credit: Zarafa Camp

Optimal Time to Travel to Selinda

To make the most of your safari experience in Selinda Game Reserve, it’s essential to consider the best time to visit. The dry season, from May to October, is generally regarded as ideal. During this period, the vegetation thins out, and animals gather around water sources, making wildlife sightings more frequent and concentrated.

Additionally, the cooler temperatures also ensure more comfortable game drives and outdoor activities. However, it’s worth noting that each season offers its own unique charm, so consult with our Travel Experts to tailor your safari adventure according to your preferences.

Zebras traversing shallow waterways

Wildlife interaction is at its best, Image Credit: Okavango Explorers Camp

Discover Selinda’s Untamed Splendor

With its exceptional wildlife encounters, exclusive and spellbinding landscapes, diverse habitats, exciting safari activities, and sublime accommodations, Selinda Game Reserve has it all. Get in touch with our Travel Experts, and let’s start planning your extraordinary journey to one of Botswana’s most coveted destinations.

Featured Image: Selinda Explorers Camp

Dining table set for two on the main viewing deck with elephants in the background

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